Mechanical watch

In the entirely mechanical watches with so slim structure to make the planetar mechanism visible from double sides the usual crown-wheel winding system is become unacceptable. So to make all its units on the same level, in the center of its coaxial planetary reducer is placed the rotary barrel with clockwork spring and using the cage with the escapement(s) on external planetary gear all mechanism with the tourbillon is realized. The winding of the mechanism is made by bilateral rotation of the barrel, time setting – by the torque more than winding force, what additionally acts as a safety lock for a clockwork spring, moreover the barrel walls are made transparent for power reserve visualization.

Chronograph parameters:

Diameter of the case, mm 29.2
Height of the case, mm 2.4
Diameter of the mechanism, mm 27.2
Height of the mechanism, mm 1.4
Possibilities Second’s fractions, seconds, minutes, hours, week days, power reserve
Timekeeping element Resonance tourbillon escapement 21600 b/h
Energy source Barrel spring
Minimal gear diameter, mm 1.5
Power reserve 48 hours
Winding way Bilateral rotation of the barrel
Time setting way Bilateral rotation by the torque more than winding force


The rendering and disassembling movie of the Mechanical-Tourbillon watch.

One minutes movement with the full gearing engagement.

The barrel mechanics are presented as the unit, also removed some not important details have not influence on the understanding of the timepiece principles.


  • Casalonga

    I discovered your project on ThePurist (I’m Origami). I really like it, and if you manage to produce it, I’ll be more than happy to be one of your first customer.

    Did you try to make a 3D-Printed prototype of your watch, on a large scale (x2 or x3 the normal size) ?

    • Sergiy Sheyko

      Unfortunately, by this watch mvt technology isn’t supposed to use 3D-printed prototyping(

  • Hosting Deutschland

    The mechanical watch is a mature technology , and most ordinary watch movements have the same parts and work the same way.

    • Sergiy Sheyko Post author

      The shoes production is also a mature technology, but the thousand designers are permanently inventing the new models at least to increase the world diversity.
      Relating the watch industry – the planetary watches technology allows to create the slimmest mechanics of movement along with double side visualization.

  • Sam White

    I love the concept of this but I do not think there would be any way to achieve low enough friction in the tourbillion with this mechanism. If the friction varies even a little bit then it will not keep time. You may find that you have to do some parts of the escapement in a more traditional way, and only use the differential planetary mechanism for the slower parts of the watch, probably just for the hour & minute gears.

    • serg Post author

      Thank you for the interest Sam,
      This concept was investigated for many years, and has been made the conclusion: it is optimal and could not realized by other ways kenematicaly.
      The precision of mecanical watch mainly is based on: moment of balance+ hair spring rigidity+ balance bearing and escapement friction loses, and this part is traditional.
      Of course there are the problems, with: mass, rigidity and efficiency – they could be solved today, but it is expencive.


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